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Hey Advocates,

Last week, I discussed my Livestream episode with Dr. LaTisha Smith, "Finding the Right Professional Development for your Staff." Well, I received a few inquiries regarding the Leading Equity Center's training. As we are still in the early stages of the school year, I assume you have already identified some areas for growth for your school/district. I want to help.

I'm attaching a PDF of the Leading Equity Center's services to support your needs. Feel free to share it with your colleagues.

Here's a brief rundown:

Services Available: 

Equity Audit

This audit will guide you through seven essential components of equity within your organization: (1) Mission, Vision, and Beliefs, (2) Leadership, (3) Staff and Staff Development, (4) Instructional Practices, (5) Representation, (6) Disciplinary Practices, and (7) Communication, Feedback and Decision Making. 

Purposeful Teaching Academy

An intensive professional development program for educators looking to ensure ALL students have access to the resources they need to succeed academically and socially.

Student Affinity Group: The Advocacy Room

The Advocacy Room is designed to help educators and students create a social justice affinity group within their organization. Understanding the challenges students face without having lived experience may be difficult for educators who want to support affinity groups. We'll take your students through a journey of ten sessions as part of the Advocacy Room program. Each session is created to provide education, dialog, and action-oriented results.

Leading Equity Book Study

Through explorations of ten concrete steps you can take right now, I offer you the skills, resources, and concepts you'll need to address common equity deficiencies in education.

Why Choose the Leading Equity Center?

Imagine a classroom where students are inspired to learn because the curriculum and instruction are relevant to their languages, literacies, and cultural practices. A school environment where students can freely discuss social justice issues affecting them and their communities. With a proven track record of leading system-wide change, Dr. Eakins will help you place the focus back on student learning through a culturally diverse lens. References are available upon request.

Yes, I do more than Podcast and Livestream :)

Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation, and let's chat about working together!

Content Created This Week:

Show Highlights

  • Equity in British Columbia
  • Differences in the United States
  • Requests to change equity content
  • Student's voice

Last night's Livestream was with Dr. Darlene Sampson. We had a great conversation about Emancipatory Pedagogy. Check out the episode, and please subscribe to the channel.

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