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Tracy Sangare

ENL/ELL Educator

Dr. Eakins made me think deeper about what I do in my classroom and what we do in our school. Thank you for all of the time and energy you have put into helping teachers and making schools better.

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Janine Larsen

Head of Primary Music

I developed my awareness and gained vocabulary for the challenges and experiences that many students encounter on a daily basis.

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Trelane Clark

Assistant Principal

Dr. Eakins values each educator's experiences and leverages them to create content to push our thinking about what we do, with the expectation that we will go forth and be Equity Advocates.

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M. Devon Speaks

After leaving the workshop presented by Dr. Eakins, I felt empowered as a young man to go out into the world with a renewed mind, standing firm in my truth, and equipped to make a difference. Dr. Eakins has firsthand knowledge of what he teaches and gives of that knowledge with the purpose of exacting change.

The Amplifying Student Voices Curriculum Package

  • The Amplifying Student Voices Playbook (PDF)
  • One 60-minute 1-on-1 session with Dr. Eakins and Darlene Reyes
  • Five student lessons and five student slide presentations
  • A signed copy of the Leading Equity Book
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Hosted by Dr. Sheldon L. Eakins

A Weekly Livestream

Follow us every Thursday at 6:30 PM Eastern to learn ways that you can develop your advocacy skills in your school/community from experts in education.  

This show is built on three principles

  • The  Power of Preparation- Discover ways to develop a plan to address inequities in schools.
  • The Power of Persuasion- Gain an understanding of the art of influence and create a sense of urgency towards change.
  • The Power of Persistence- Recognize how to endure challenges as they may arise.
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Transform your school and your classroom with these best practices in equity 

Leading Equity delivers an eye-opening and actionable discussion of how to transform a classroom or school into a more equitable place. Through explorations of ten concrete steps that you can take right now, Dr. Sheldon L. Eakins offers you the skills, resources, and concepts you’ll need to address common equity deficiencies in education. 

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20 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Activities To Do With Your Team

Leading change is a collaborative effort and thoughtful leaders must begin with the end in mind. However, leading change involves strategic planning sessions that increase awareness of the blind spots within our professional practices. This playbook features 20 activities you can use to lead change initiatives with the goal of ensuring equity within your organization.