How to be an Equity Advocate


Get seven strategies to help you increase your advocacy skills.

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Tracy Sangare

ENL/ELL Educator

Dr. Eakins made me think deeper about what I do in my classroom and what we do in our school. Thank you for all of the time and energy you have put into helping teachers and making schools better.

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Janine Larsen

Head of Primary Music

I developed my awareness and gained vocabulary for the challenges and experiences that many students encounter on a daily basis.

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Trelane Clark

Assistant Principal

Dr. Eakins values each educator's experiences and leverages them to create content to push our thinking about what we do, with the expectation that we will go forth and be Equity Advocates.


We Empower Students to Self-Advocate, Become Co-Conspirators, and Social Justice Leaders at Their Schools

If you value your students' experiences and their sense of belonging and want to create a space beyond being safe, we can help. If you recognize that although providing professional development for your staff on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is helpful, it doesn't ensure your students' experiences will change. We can help.

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