20 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Activities To Do With Your Team

Leading change is a collaborative effort and thoughtful leaders must begin with the end in mind. However, leading change involves strategic planning sessions that increase awareness of the blind spots within our professional practices. This playbook features 20 activities you can use to lead change initiatives with the goal of ensuring equity within your organization. This is a PDF and not a physical book.


How do I keep the momentum going?

Have you started working with your team to foster an environment in which your school community feels loved and valued? Are you looking to put professional theory into practice? This playbook will inspire discourse regarding challenges that impact meeting the individual needs of your students. These activities include suggested variations of small-group and virtual spaces. With this playbook, you don't have to be the expert in the room to lead these activities.

Twenty Activities

A variety of activities to build a shared understanding of what it means to create an equitable learning space at school.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Focused

Lead discussions around race, sexual orientation, talents, abilities, interests, and culture.

Still not convinced? Download the DEI Activities Playbook Summary

Here's a summary of all of the activities in the playbook.


It Starts With Us

Awareness of the individuality of our students and the community must exist in the life-blood of every school. Remember that fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment takes time and persistence. Be intentional with your DEI efforts by using this playbook. Are you ready to lead change? Order the PDF Today!


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