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Topic: The Importance of Safety for Students

- Safety as a foundation for love, belonging, self-esteem, and learning engagement
- The positive impact of safety on students' learning and educational risks
- The power of belonging and feeling included in the learning environment
- The role of self-actualization in students' respect for themselves and their teacher

Topic: The Connection Between Safety and Assimilation

- Defining assimilation as acquiring the habits, attitudes, and mode of life of a dominant culture
- Criticizing the concept of an "embracing culture" in the definition of assimilation
- Historical examples, such as Native American boarding schools, that challenge the idea of assimilation as an embracing culture
- The challenges faced by marginalized individuals in fitting into a dominant culture's norms and expectations

Topic: The Pitfalls of Niceness in Education

- Niceness prioritizing the comfort of individuals with dominant identities
- The hinderance of progress towards dismantling inequity through niceness
- The avoidance of confronting red flags in achievement, behavior, and other data through niceness
- The disciplining of those who disrupt structures and dominant ideologies through niceness

Topic: Acts of Isms and Phobias

- Highlighting the harm caused by acts of racism, sexism, and homophobia
- Emphasizing the impact of these acts on individuals' well-being
- Challenging the notion of intent versus impact in instances of mistreatment
- The need to address and confront acts of isms and phobias

Topic: Deflections and Hindrances to Acceptance

- Explaining deflections as a means of avoiding responsibility and blame shifting
- The negative impact of deflections on acceptance and progress towards equality
- Identifying the need to acknowledge room for growth and improvement in addressing equity issues
- Exposing the limited effectiveness of superficial diversity and equity training without meaningful action for students

Topic: Moving Towards Proactivity and Belonging

- Advocating for proactive measures to ensure a sense of belonging for all students
- Highlighting the importance of supporting students' multiple identities and experiences
- Challenging reactionary responses and calling for meaningful action before issues arise
- Promoting acceptance, support, and inclusion as core values for every student
- Final thoughts and reflection on the importance of making all students feel accepted and included

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