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Show Highlights

  • The Current State of Education
    - Addressing negative education statistics
    - Exploring the issues of underrepresented students and teachers of color
    - Highlighting the need to consider the historical context of educational disparities

  • Examining Historical Impact
    - Discussing how the educational system was not originally designed for all students
    - Exploring how historical factors have led to underrepresentation and mistreatment
    - Addressing the impact of historical segregation on the current educational landscape

  • Equity Assessment
    - Outlining the importance of recognizing and addressing implicit bias
    - Emphasizing the significance of understanding historical and social contexts within educational institutions
    - Educating staff on concepts of bias, discrimination, and their effects on the educational system
    - Supporting asset-based pedagogy to empower students at their current level

  • Exclusionary Practices
    - Identifying exclusionary behaviors, such as failing to decenter, overlooking student communication, and not creating inclusive learning environments
    - Highlighting the importance of student communication as a form of behavior and needs assessment
    - Exploring the impact of compliance versus communication in the classroom

  • Creating a Sense of Belonging
    - Recognizing the importance of acceptance, inclusion, and support for student belonging
    - Encouraging educators to decenter themselves by allowing student feedback and creating inclusive learning environments
    - Discussing the need for educators to understand the relative nature of students' realities and create learning that resonates with students' lives



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