Let the Leading Equity Center Lead Your Next Virtual Professional Development

Thousands of educators have experienced a lively and engaging session from the Leading Equity Center. Schedule a webinar to help your school ensure an equitable learning environment for all students.


Taylor, Mathematics Teacher

"I wish more of our PD was figuring this type of stuff out and then making goals around reaching out for equity, equality, and student hardships. Appreciate your work, and just wanted to give you a shout out!!"

Sarah, Biology Teacher

"You are an amazing presenter and I enjoy hearing your thoughtful insights. Your positivity is uplifting." 


An interactive experience for your school staff. Webinars may include live polls, whiteboard, videos, and breakout rooms.


Participants who attend webinars from the Leading Equity Center will leave with practical strategies that they can work on right away.


Develop your equity lens through interactive webinars

The Leading Equity Center provides a variety of webinars for educators to increase their awareness of ensuring all students have the opportunity to succeed. All of our webinar sessions are highly engaging and action-oriented. Sessions are available in 60 and 90-minute formats. Below is a list of our current webinars: 

  • Framing Brave Conversations About Race and Ethnicity
  • We Are in This Together! (a morale booster for educators during COVID-19).
  • Equity in Digital Spaces
  • Are You Culturally Responsive?
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind: How Implicit Bias Impacts the Way We Serve Our Students
  • Check Your Privilege
  • Why Culture Matters
  • The Dangers of Cultural Appropriation
  • Culture? But All of My Students are White
  • Addressing the Troublemakers
  • The Racial Slur Conversation
  • Preaching Beyond the Choir: Creating Buy-In to Advocate for Change

Anne, Educator

"I needed this PD today! Thanks Dr. Eakins and Popsy for the powerful examination of equity, now and looking ahead."

Harvey, Educator

"Thank you Dr. Eakins for challenging all of us to truly work to provide equitable practices in our online learning!! We must be the voice and advocates for equity!!!"

Christy, ESOL Instructional Specialist

"Lunch date with the very insightful leader for equity Dr. Eakins! Keep learning so we can impact the needs of our students!"