Gradeless and Lovin' It

How to conquer teacher burnout and love your job again.


Course Description

Are you on the verge of teacher burnout? Ever considered going gradeless? This comprehensive course will guide you through the fundamental principles and practical strategies necessary to successfully implement a ungrading/gradeless classroom. By eliminating the traditional reliance on grades as the primary measure of student achievement, you will discover how to foster intrinsic motivation, enhance student engagement, and cultivate a culture of collaboration and continuous learning.

Throughout this course, you will explore the core philosophies behind the gradeless approach, examining the research supporting its effectiveness and its potential to address educational inequities. You will learn how to establish clear learning objectives, design authentic assessments, and provide meaningful feedback that supports individual student progress and mastery.

By the end of this course, you will have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to create a gradeless classroom that celebrates growth, cultivates intrinsic motivation, and empowers students to become active participants in their own learning journey.

Join us on this transformative educational experience and revolutionize your teaching practice with the power of a gradeless classroom. Enroll now and unlock the potential of every student!

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Course Facilitators

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Sheldon L. Eakins, Ph.D.

Sheldon L. Eakins, Ph.D., is the Founder of the Leading Equity Center. Dr. Eakins is also the host of The Art of Advocacy Livestream and the Leading Equity Podcast. Furthermore, Dr. Eakins is the author of Leading Equity: Becoming an Advocate for All Students. With over 15 years in education, he has served as a teacher, school principal, adjunct professor, and Director of Special Education. 

Sheldon Eakins is passionate about helping educators accomplish equitable practices in their schools. He has earned a B.S. degree in Social Science Education, an M.S. degree in Educational Leadership, and a Ph.D. in K-12 Education.

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Deanna Lough

Deanna is a Literacy Coach in Wilmington, DE.  In her 19 years in Education, Deanna has served many roles, including English and Special Education teacher, Department Coordinator, Instructional Coach, Curriculum Developer, and Professional Developer.  Deanna has guest blogged for Teachers Going Gradeless (TG2) and Teach Better and has been a guest on a number of podcasts discussing equity and assessment practices, grading/ungrading, and classroom management.  In her spare time, Deanna can be found taking long walks with her family, crafting, and attending concerts.

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Discover how to revolutionize your teaching with the gradeless approach.

 Foster intrinsic motivation, enhance engagement, and create a collaborative learning culture. Gain practical insights into assessment design and effective communication. Create a growth-oriented classroom that empowers students. Enroll now and unlock their potential!


Course Information

Welcome to "Gradeless and Lovin' It: How to Conquer Teacher Burnout and Love Your Job Again," a free online course that equips educators to revolutionize their teaching practices by embracing a gradeless approach. This course includes  60 minutes of content broken down into 12 short lessons and a certificate of completion at the end. 

  • Learn at your own pace. There are 2 modules with a total of 12 lessons, taking you from idea to post-launch success.
  • Clear instructions to set you up for success. Gain practical insights into setting clear objectives, designing authentic assessments, and providing meaningful feedback.
  • Resources. A bonus video and resources with suggestions on how you can further your learning of ungrading. 
  • Certificate of Completion. After completing the course, you can print out your certificate from the Leading Equity Center.


Learning Outcomes

 Across 2 distinct course stages, you will:

  • Explore research-backed strategies to nurture intrinsic motivation
  • Identify practical insights into setting clear objectives, designing authentic assessments, and providing meaningful feedback.
  • Examine the research supporting a gradeless classroom's effectiveness and potential to address educational inequities.


You will gain invaluable insights into the implementation process. You will explore effective communication strategies to engage students, parents, and stakeholders, helping them understand and embrace the benefits of a gradeless classroom.


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Getting Started With Gradeless

  • What Ungrading/gradeless is and is not
  • Gradeless motivated me to stay
  • Is Ungrading/Gradeless for all levels?
  • Is it Gradeless or Ungrading?
  • Why do we need to try gradeless?

Module 2: Gradeless Logistics: How Do I Make This Work

  • How to communicate your plan to go gradeless
  • How to create a gradeless lesson
  • Conferencing
  • How to prioritize standards
  • How does a student "pass" your class?
  • How to respond to any pushback
  • Final thoughts

Bonus: Ungrading/Gradeless Resources

  • A video with suggestions on how to further your knowledge.