Framing Brave Conversations About Race and Ethnicity

Issues of race, culture, and identity are deeply personal and oftentimes emotional. As we engage with students, families, and other stakeholders around the concepts of race and ethnicity, it is important to frame conversations in a way that creates a safe, affirming space for all. Use this course filled with a list of tips as a guide for engaging in brave discussions about race and ethnicity as an educator.



  • Setting Norms for Conversations About Racism and Antiracism
  • Overview of the Framework
  • Respect preferences and honor experiences
  • Acknowledge bias and privilege
  • Own your learning
  • Communicate positive intentions
  • Avoid assumptions
  • Reject color blindness
  • Consider context
  • Be open to being wrong
  • Get comfortable with discomfort
  • A Quick Start Guide to Classroom Conversations About Race

Twelve Video Lessons

Plus downloadable resources.

Professional Development Certificate

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