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About Kiese Vita, M.A.

Kiese Vita is a high school English teacher serving in the community of South Los Angeles.  Within her decade of experience as a social justice educator, Kiese has served as a district Professional Development Leader, school-site Department Chair, and lecturer for California State University, Northridge’s Child and Adolescent Development course titled “Race, Gender, Privilege, Ethnicity, and Culture.” Combining her professional experiences with her foundation in Rhetoric and Composition Theory, Kiese’s pedagogical praxis centers on cultivating a humanizing framework that (re)store Black scholars’ Educational Excellence, by dismantling and healing the deep harm and effect of stereotype threat, schooling trauma, and internalized miseducation that Black scholars have generationally embodied and (re)stored.

Show Highlights

  • AP Afro Warrior Scholar Class
  • Critical Pedagogy Framework
  • Using the Afro Warrior Framework
  • Benefits to using the Afro Warrior Framework

Connect with Kiese

Email: [email protected]

IG: @afrowarriorscholar

Additional Resources

Afro Warrior Scholar

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