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About Ian Levy, Ph.D.

Ian Levy is a New York City native and former high school counselor in the South Bronx. Levy’s research examines mental health practices in urban schools, which includes interrogating the role of the school counselor and other school staff to ensure the social and emotional lives of young people are adequately addressed.

Show Highlights

  • Hip Hop and Spoken Word Therapy
  • Allowing students to freely express themselves
  • Finding the best means to publicize student created content
  • Recording a mixtape
  • Student voice and how we can learn from their expressive language
  • Getting started with Hip Hop and Spoken Word Therapy
  • Helping non-Hip Hop fans engage

Connect with Ian

Twitter: @Ianplevy

Email: [email protected]

Additional Resources

Remixing the School Counselor’s Tool Kit: Hip-Hop Spoken Word Therapy and YPAR

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins

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