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About Donna Y. Ford, Ph.D.

Donna Y. Ford, PhD, is Professor of Education and Human Development and Cornelius Vanderbilt Endowed Chair at Vanderbilt University. She is the former 2013 Harvie Branscomb Distinguished Professor and former Betts Chair of Education and Human Development. Dr. Ford currently holds a joint appointment in the Department of Special Education and Department of Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Ford has been a Professor of Special Education at the Ohio State University, an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Virginia, and an Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky.

Show Highlights

  • Black and Brown student representation in Gifted and Talented Programs
  • Retention of students of color in GAT Programs
  • The significance of culturally responsiveness in GAT Programs
  • IQ Testing
  • Invitational Learning
  • The Five P’s
  • Evaluating equity in GAT Programs

Connect with Donna

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @donnayford


Additional Resources

Culturally Responsive Gifted Classrooms for Culturally Different Students: A Focus on Invitational Learning

Recruiting and Retaining Culturally Different Students in Gifted Education

Gumbo for the Soul: Liberating Memoirs and Stories to Inspire Females of Color

Creating Culturally Responsive Instruction: For Students’ and Teachers’ Sakes

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