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About David Adams, M.Ed

David Adams is the Director of Social-Emotional Learning at The Urban Assembly. He previously served as the Social-Emotional Learning Coordinator for District 75 in New York City, where he shaped the District’s approach to social and emotional development for students with severe cognitive and behavioral challenges. He has worked internationally in schools in England, standing up and evaluating programs of positive behavioral supports and social-emotional learning as a research intern at Yale University’s Health, Emotion and Behavior Lab, and published multiple academic papers around the relationship of social-emotional competence, and student academic and behavioral outcomes. David served on the Council of Distinguished Educators of the Aspen Institute’s National Commission of Social, Emotional and Academic Development (NCSEAD), and is married with two children. He is an Engineering Officer in the Army Reserve and holds M.Ed in Educational Psychology from Fordham University.

Show Highlights

  • Urban Assembly Social Emotional Learning Symposium
  • SEL and Urban Education
  • Culturally Responsive approach to SEL
  • SEL for teachers
  • SEL embedded in equity

Connect with David

Twitter: @DAdams_SEL

Email: [email protected]


The 2nd Annual Urban Assembly Social Emotional Learning Symposium

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