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About LaTisha Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. LaTisha A Smith has always had an avid imagination. As an avid writer, Dr. Smith has authored several children’s books, including, Mama Always Knows BestBoast, Quotes, and Loves Notes; and her 6-book Youth Empowerment Series (YES!). Her goal is to write books that will bring the inner laughter, emotion, and excitement out of readers and help confirm their love of literature. Dr. Smith believes sometimes you have to step outside of what is familiar and comfortable to find what you are truly good at.

A resident of St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Smith enjoys life with her two beautiful children. She appreciates the support of her mother, eight siblings, friends, sorority sisters, and a host of extended family and friends. She dedicates her life to the promotion of education and preparing individuals to be successful in today’s often challenging, classroom environments. Dr. Smith has worked her entire life in the field of education and has always believed in the power of education to surpass all circumstances.  She currently works as a Director in a large, urban district in the Midwest.

Dr. Smith believes that belief in a Higher Power, supportive family, close friends, and fulfilling career, makes the most wholesome and complete human beings. Dr. Smith encourages everyone to follow their life’s destiny.

Show Highlights

  • Professional Development and equity
  • Professional Development expectations and results
  • Challenging equity issues when it comes to PD
  • Restructuring PD opportunities to allow for more choices for employees
  • Finding ways to assess the effectiveness of PD

Connect with LaTisha

Instagram: @drlasmith1

LinkedIn: Dr. LaTisha Smith

Email: [email protected]

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