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About Rosalinda Larios

Rosalinda Larios is a Joint Doctoral Candidate in Special Education at the UCLA and Cal State LA.  She has a Masters in Multicultural/Multilingual Special Education and taught at the K-12 level for nine years. As a special education teacher, she quickly saw that families who did not have command of the English language and the American educational system were more likely to miss out on resources for their children.  Her research interests include making the Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings accessible to culturally and linguistically diverse families and improving the quality of education for students through culturally responsive teaching practices.

About Andrea Zetlin, Ed.D.

Andrea Zetlin Ed.D. is a Professor Emerita in the Division of Special Education and Counseling at California State University, Los Angeles. Her research interests include developing strategies which address barriers to student learning, developing effective models for school-university-community partnerships to improve outcomes for high-risk students, and identifying and supporting the educational needs of children and youth in foster care.  She also works with schools to enhance the teaching practices of general and special education teachers to effectively instruct all students in inclusive classroom settings.  Dr. Zetlin has authored over 100 book chapters, journal articles, books, and other professional publications.

Show Highlights

  • Some of the challenges bi-lingual families have in IEP meetings
  • Having interpreters in IEP meetings
  • The school’s role in providing an environment in which families feel comfortable in IEP meetings
  • Consideration of the Critical Race Theory in IEP meetings?
  • Strategies that culturally and linguistically diverse families can do to prepare and be aware of their rights in IEP meetings
  • Student led IEP meetings
  • Counterstories and how can they be used to improve the IEP meeting experiences of bi-lingual families

Connect with Rosalinda and Andrea

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Additional Resources

Bilingual and Monolingual Parents’ Counterstories of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meeting

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