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About Kristen Davidson

Kristen Davidson is a research associate for the National Center for Research in Policy and Practice (NCRPP), housed in the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education. NCRPP studies how research and practice can inform each other in education, such as through research-practice partnerships. She also is president and founder of PEER Consulting, which focuses on partnering with education leaders to bring research and theory to equity-driven work on family partnership, whole child education, and community wellness. Kristen earned her PhD in Educational Foundations, Policy and Practice at the University of Colorado Boulder.

About Madeleine Case

Madeleine Case is the Director of Product & Partnerships at the Organization United for Respect (OUR) a national organization of people working in retail. OUR leverages technology to organize people employed at the country’s largest employers to call on industry leaders in the service economy and policy-makers to provide family­-sustaining jobs for all working Americans.  At OUR, Madeleine helps other movement organizations utilize OUR’s platform, WorkIt, to scale the distribution of information, create communities of peer support, and shift power into the hands of working people. Prior to OUR, Madeleine worked with families and educators in the Boulder Valley School District to cultivate trust-based relationships and foster school-family partnerships rooted in equity.

Show Highlights

  • An overview of the Families and Educators Together Project
  • Not another PTA
  • Beginning with a pilot study in the school district
  • The four guiding principles in the school/family partnership
  • The keys to an effective FET Team
  • The future of the Families and Educators Together Project

Connect with Kristen

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Twitter: @_kdavidson

Connect with Madeleine

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Additional Resources

Families and Educators Together: A Partnership with Boulder Valley School District

Building Trust, Elevating Voices, and Sharing Power in Family Partnership

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