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About Patrice W. Glenn Jones, Ph.D.

Patrice W. Glenn Jones is an educational leader to watch. She is currently an assistant professor and online learning specialist and has served for 20 years in predominately, minority-serving institutions: secondary and post-secondary, private and public. With 15 years of online learning experience, she also works on project-based, regional teams to expand online learning programs for multiple companies and institutions, and she serves as a contracted leader for a national assessment company. In addition to her “sense of community” and online learning research interests, Patrice is passionate about addressing factors that contribute to racial, social, and academic inequities, as well as promoting project- and problem-based research learning initiatives among Black American students. 

Patrice began her career as a middle school English teacher and radio air personality in Jacksonville, Florida.  After earning a master’s degree in English from the University of North Florida, her career expanded to higher education and included positions as a faculty member, TRIO program coordinator, developmental English chair, program director, and assistant dean. Patrice also holds an educational specialist in information science and learning technology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a PhD in educational leadership from Florida A&M University. 

Patrice’s reputation as a passionate, hard-working educator has been substantiated by the impressive body of work she has amassed during the past two years.  With two book chapters and an edited book in progress, Patrice still makes time to volunteer with students at a school in her area. Additionally, Patrice is a compelling speaker whose charisma and relatability has led to her serve as a keynote speaker for the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers, Richland School District, and other organizations. Patrice has recent publications in The Journal of Negro Education, Thought and Action, and NAAAS & Affiliates Monograph and is currently conducting research on teacher bullying, racially-disparate classrooms, and digital literacy among pre-service teachers.

Show Highlights

  • A sense of community among educators in predominately Black schools
  • Black administrator’s sense of community
  • Low sense of community among the teachers
  • Matching teachers and their environment
  • Fostering a better sense of community

Connect with Patrice

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Additional Resources

A Sense of Community among Educators at Predominantly African American High Schools

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