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About Wil Greer, Ph.D.

Wil Greer is a father, husband, and educator.  He completed his PhD in Urban Educational Leadership from Claremont Graduate University in 2013.  He joined Cal State University, San Bernardino in 2014 as a tenure-track assistant professor of educational leadership.  Prior to becoming a professor Dr. Greer worked for 13 years as a middle school teacher, district program specialist, assessment coordinator, high school assistant principal and non-profit director.  His current research interests include culturally responsive leadership, childhood trauma, and school culture.  Dr. Greer has presented his work at conferences across the United States.

Show Highlights

  • Academic achievement, learner engagement, and school climate in urban schools
  • The Anti-Deficit Achievement Framework
  • Urban doesn’t mean deficit
  • African American students’ perception of school climate
  • Strategies to improve Black male achievement

Connect with Wil

[email protected]

Additional Resources

Race-Neutral Doesn’t Work: Black Males’ Achievement, Engagement, and School Climate Perceptions

An Anti-Deficit Achievement Framework for Research on Students of Color in STEM

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