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About Larry Davis

Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. Larry Davis is a second career educator with over 20 years of teaching and administrative experience. Prior to becoming an educator Mr. Davis worked for 14 years as a general manager and recruiter in the corporate world.

Larry received his Master’s degree from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, Texas and finally his Associates Degree from Weatherford College in Weatherford, Texas.

Larry experience is broad and extensive which includes 8 years of teaching and 12 years as an administrator serving in such roles as Regional Superintendent, District Coordinator for College/Career/Readiness, CTE, IB Programs, District Coordinator for Special Programs, High School Principal and a House Principal.

Over the past two decades Larry has been shaping and molding minds, growing teachers and working diligently to help improve the education system in America. The driving force behind Larry’s success is still educational achievement for all children, campus-wide success across all academic areas and assessments and finally educator-centered professional development to continue the growth and advancement of all educators. Providing resources, direction, continuing follow-up and leadership has always been Larry’s recipe for success.

Show Highlights

  • The role of a house principal
  • Larry’s journey into school development
  • Connecting with African American fathers
  • Finding solutions to educational inequities for African American students
  • Using cultural competency to develop relationships with African American students
  • A call for the re-education of the African American child

Connect with Larry

LinkedIn: Larry Davis

Additional Resources

The Re-Education of the African American Child: In Today’s School System

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