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About Joel Lavin

Joel is entering his 9th year as an administrator and 19th year as a public educator. He is currently the principal of River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary. He is also a board member of the Oregon Association of Bilingual Education.

• Joel has two kids, who are each about 3 years apart. They are currently in middle school and high school.
• His hobbies include camping with his family, gardening, running,
and martial arts.

His passions include: bilingual education, restorative justice, and elementary education. He has been a facilitator with CFEE for 9 years. Coaching for Equity in Education, Oregon Center for Equity in Education.

Show Highlights

  • Joel’s journey into education
  • The origins of the bilingual school
  • A two-way immersion program
  • The goals of the dual immersion program
  • How a student progresses to fluency in a second language
  • Being bilingual and biliterate
  • Requirements to be a teacher or staff at Joel’s school
  • Additional resources available to help struggling students
  • Examples of cross-cultural activities at Joel’s school
  • Professional development and other organizations that Joel is involved in

Connect with Joel

Twitter: @joellavin

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins

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