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About Matthew Taylor, Ph.D.

Matthew Taylor is a post-doctoral scholar in STEM education and received his PhD in exceptional education from the University of Central Florida. His research and classroom instruction are influenced by his eight years of teaching experience in both elementary special education and general education. His research foci are early elementary students with intellectual disabilities using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content; students with terminal illness or in the hospital for extended stays; and the professionals working with both of these populations (e.g., parents, teachers, related service providers). His research is highlighted by several studies, including robotics/coding instruction for students with disabilities, research at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, FL, and collaboration with the Department of Human and Public Affairs using TeachLivETM.

Show Highlights

  • Why introducing early elementary students to STEM is so important
  • STEM in everything around us
  • Ways educators can provide an inclusive structure for students with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Understanding the capacities of students with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Teaching Pre-K through 1st grade students with ID how to computer program
  • Early adjustments needed in the computer programming project
  • Assessing students with ID and students without ID in the project
  • Future possibilities in STEM for students with ID

Connect with Matthew

[email protected]

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