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About Amy Cook, Ph.D.

Amy L. Cook, PhD is an assistant professor in the Counseling and School Psychology Department, College of Education and Human Development at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She received a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Connecticut Storrs. She has worked in urban schools and mental health agencies, providing counseling services to students and families. Her research interests focus on reducing inequalities in educational outcomes and promoting positive youth development through community-engaged research with youth in partner schools and organizations. She is committed to using scholarly research in a manner that advances shared collaboration and educational equity.

Show Highlights

  • Challenges that students with intellectual disabilities face when pursuing higher education
  • Students with ID taking rigorous courses in high school
  • Dispelling myths that student who are intellectually disabled cannot earn a college degree
  • Connecting students with ID to on-campus resources
  • Some of the things that school counselors can do to educate parents of ID students on supporting their child while in college

Connect with Amy

[email protected]

Additional Resources

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