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About Erica Buchanan-Rivera, Ph.D.

Dr. Erica Buchanan-Rivera is the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer of Hamilton Southeastern Schools in Indiana. She graduated from Butler University with a bachelor’s degree in Early and Middle Childhood Education and Master’s Degree in Administration. In 2017, she finished her doctoral program at Indiana State University, specializing in culturally responsive, inclusive environments and identity validation. Dr. Buchanan-Rivera has served as a teacher, assistant principal and principal of an International magnet school, and a director of curriculum prior to her current role. It is her life’s mission to ensure that schools reflect safe and brave spaces that value diversity.

Show Highlights

  • Identity safe schools and classrooms
  • Responding to critics of safe spaces
  • What happens to students when they are forced to function in an environment where their identities are not respected or acknowledged
  • MVP (Most Valuable Point)
  • Identify safe assessment and professional development
  • Checking our biases to build relationships with students
  • Ensuring identity safe schools and classrooms with limited resources

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Additional Resources

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