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About Felice Russell, Ph.D.

Dr. Felice Russell is an Assistant Professor of Education at Ithaca College where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in second language acquisition, cultural and linguistic diversity, and teacher education. Her research examines the continuum of teacher education from preservice to teacher leader with a focus on professional learning related to meeting the needs of English learners. A former K-12 classroom teacher, she is interested in the intersection of theory and practice as she engages and collaborates with practitioners and the goal of equity for English learners. Her work has been published in journals such as Teacher Education QuarterlyTESOL Journal, and Phi Delta Kappan.

Show Highlights

  • Current trends that schools and districts are doing to help ensure teachers are providing meaningful support to ELL students
  • Essential ways teachers can provide support to ELL students 
  • Effective teacher leaders leverage their position and expertise
  • Helping teachers recognize the value of ELL instructors
  • How effective teacher leaders work on multiple levels
  • Some other priorities to consider when working with ELL students

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Research Gate Profile

Ithaca College Page

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Teacher Leadership to Support English Language Learners

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