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About Shaun Woodly, Ph.D.

Dr. Shaun Woodly – A graduate of Hampton University, Dr. Shaun Woodly obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 2004, Master’s degree in 2005, followed by his Ph.D. is 2014. He is a decorated K-12 teacher, University professor and author whose deep passion and research have allowed him great success as an educator and entrepreneur. He is the author of “MC Means Move the Class: How to Spark Engagement and Motivation in Urban and Culturally Diverse Classrooms”, which is all about helping educators flourish in the classroom, even in the most challenging conditions. In both education and entrepreneurship, Dr. Woodly believes in having fun! He educates with enthusiasm, motivation and hustle, but most importantly with love!

Show Highlights

  • MC Means Move the Class
  • The four elements of urban education
  • The art of the mix
  • Recognizing our strengths and weaknesses
  • Self-reflection and awareness of curriculum implementation
  • The ideal classroom setting
  • Can we become masters of the mix?

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MC Means Move the Class: How to Spark Engagement and Motivation in Urban and Culturally Diverse Classrooms

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