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About Diane Hunt

Diane Hunt has a passion for helping teachers and schools to have No Failing Students one classroom at a time. She is an educational consultant, presenter, author, and has 25-plus years teaching experience. Diane has a Master of Science and a Master of Arts Degree in Education. Mrs. Hunt believes in a challenging, empowering, equitable curriculum. She uses active learning, multiple learning approaches and varied assessments to produce achievers. She can share with you how to motivate students, individualize instruction, and utilize critical thinking skills while still maintaining “No Failing Students”. Diane has presented at the AMLE Annual Conference for Middle Level Education, the National Conference on Common Core, Common Core Saturdays, the Annual Michigan Charter School Conference, the National Conference on College and Career Readiness and National High School Association Conferences.

Show Highlights

  • Assessing students early on
  • Do students understand the vocabulary that we are using?
  • Making sure all students individual needs are met
  • Reaching the toughest kids in the classroom
  • The first days of school
  • How to assess students’ multiple intelligence
  • Why helping failing students is so important

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Additional Resources

No Failing Students: Seven teaching strategies I used as a teacher to take smart but “problematic” students from “failure” to success in one academic quarter (45 days)

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins

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