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About Alisse Ali-Joseph, Ph.D.

Alisse Ali-Joseph (Oklahoma Choctaw), PhD (BA, University of California, Davis, MA, PhD, University of Arizona, 2013). Dr. Ali-Joseph joined the Applied Indigenous Studies family in 2013 and specializes in the importance of sports and physical activity as a vehicle for empowerment, cultural identity, health and educational attainment for American Indian people. She also focuses on American Indian health and wellness and American Indian education. Dr. Ali-Joseph was appointed by the President of Northern Arizona University as the Faculty Athletics Representative in Fall 2015.  In this role, Dr. Ali-Joseph works with the athletic department to maintain academic integrity with student-athletes and faculty and ensure the overall well-being of student-athletes.

Show Highlights

  • Native American representation in collegiate sports
  • Lack of athletic recruitment on reservations
  • Helping students become NCAA eligible and college ready
  • What high school coaches and counselors can do to help prepare Native American student athletes for college
  • Personal and academic difficulties of Native American college students
  • School mascots and their impact on Native American student athletes

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