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About Chanel Johnson

Chanel Johnson is from Atlanta, Georgia, and currently lives in Atlanta as a  Science Specialist for the 5th largest district. She has served countless students and educators since 2009, focusing on the areas of math, science, instructional technology, and coaching. Whether teaching students or teaching adults, her passion is to teach and ignite all voices so that they are heard. She believes in developing digital age learners and digital age educators by stimulating a culture of empowered learners through applying 5 C’s (Creativity, Collaboration, Citizenship, Communication, and Critical Thinking).

Her passion is to show stakeholders how with current researched-based instructional strategies, empowering all learners’ voices, especially those often silenced, fostering a dedicated community. All learners can meet their highest potential.   Chanel usually develops and executes professional development around the implementation of content and instructional technology fluently. She believes instruction consists of Standards-Aligned Content, Appropriate Pedagogy, and Technology Integration. The most crucial factor is to remember we are teaching the child before the content. 

Chanel believes in the power of community and collaboration through being a part of countless professional learning networks often sparked from social media platforms such as Twitter. You can follow Chanel on Twitter as Dc_stemtastic.  She has conducted several professional developments in training coaches, educators, and instructional leaders towards using the most appropriate technology to empower all voices in science education. She has presented at countless national and local conferences, served as an ASCD’s Emerging 2019 Leader.  Chanel is also the newly appointed Vice President for GSTA ( Georgia Science Teacher Association),  ISTE Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Google Certified Level 1, Flipgrid Ambassador, Nearpod Advanced Educator, and countless more accolades. 

On a personal level, Chanel is a proud wife to her husband, Martin.  Mother to three kids, Shaylyn, a set of Twins, Christian, and Chloe.

Show Highlights

  • Utilizing cultural situations for STEM activities
  • Ways to ask questions about culture
  • Cultural Relevance beyond equations and formulas
  • Teaching kids the how
  • Using movies for cultural relevant lessons

Connect with Chanel

Twitter: @DC_STEMtastic

Email: [email protected]

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