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About Rosa Isiah, Ed.D.

Dr. Rosa Isiah has served students in her community for 28 years. Currently, she serves as Director of Elementary, Equity, and Access in NLMUSD.  Dr. Isiah is passionate about equity and social justice, multilingual Ed, leadership, and closing opportunity gaps for historically underserved students. Dr. Isiah’s experiences as an immigrant, English learner, and a child in poverty add to her passion for her work.

Dr. Isiah is founder of #WeLeadEd Twitter chat and the WeleadED BAMradio radio podcast focused on Ed Leadership and Social Justice. Dr. Isiah co-authored five books on the whole child, equity, leadership, and the power of relationships, including Beyond Conversations About Race (2021). Dr. Isiah contributes her voice to blogs, podcasts, and books on social justice, diversity, equity, access, and women in leadership. Dr. Isiah was the recipient of the Loyola Marymount University 2019 Leader for Social Justice award.

Dr. Isiah is a Solution Tree Culture and Equity professional development associate. She has also presented on social justice topics at conferences including AMLE Guatemala City and Hawaii, UCLACenterX Math Parent Project, San Diego County Office of Ed, NY SPED Collaborative, ASCD, ACSA Region 14, CA League of Schools, ISTE, EdSurge, Future Ready, ALAS and CALSA. 

Show Highlights

  • Parent engagement at the district level
  • Parent Engagement vs Parent Involvement
  • Re-engagement strategies

Connect with Rosa

Twitter: @RosaIsiah

Instagram: @rosaperezisiah


Podcast: WeLeadED BAMradio

Beyond Conversations About Race: A Guide for Discussions with Students, Teachers, and Communities

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