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About Kayce Jennings

Kayce Freed Jennings is one of the founders of Girl Rising, a global non-profit that uses storytelling to change the way the world values girls.  She now leads GR’s educator US Educator program, designed to bring the GR message of resilience, voice and agency to young people across the country.  Previously, Kayce had a long career in journalism, most recently as co-founder of The Documentary Group and before that as an ABC News producer based in London, Atlanta and New York, and on the staffs of Nightline, World News Tonight and 20/20.  Kayce currently serves on the board of Win, NYC’s largest provider of shelter to homeless families, and the advisory boards of SOLA – School of Leadership Afghanistan and the Bridgehampton Child Care Center.

About Ali Nagle

Ali Nagle is a Southern California girl who has grown into a New York-area teacher. For the last seventeen years, Ali has been teaching reading and writing in fifth grade at traditional public schools and public charter schools. Ali revels in the opportunity to nurture readers and writers and discussing the world with young people. As an educator, Ali explores teacher development and training both in the United States and in various rural communities in East Africa. Ali specializes in curriculum writing, implementing and sharing learning around culturally sustaining pedagogy, and educational leadership.

When not in a classroom or school, Ali enjoys traveling the world, playing with her dog, Archie, and spending time scouring the shelves of independent bookstores.

Show Highlights

  • Girl Rising
  • A curriculum for all
  • Relating global issues to local issues
  • Helping students understand their role in their community

Connect with Kayce

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