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About Lacrecia Terrance

Lacrecia Terrance, owner and CEO of theEduProject, An advocate of comprehensive education for all students with a particular interest in children of color. Lacrecia, has been in the education field as a certified educator for 20 years with more than eleven years of her tenure in administrative capacities. Having served in every level of education including; a teacher, Academic Dean, Principal, High School Director, Instructional Coordinator, District STEM Director , National Faculty Member, and now Lead Educational Consultant for theEduProject and Adaptivex. 

As a leader for change, Lacrecia has had the opportunity to learn and deconstruct systems necessary to enforce education equity, ethically and without liability through these experiences. While strengthening her skills in curriculum research, and designing high impact learning experiences, she continues to impact students and teachers around the world. 

To provide Parents with the best guidance on how to connect home and school during COVID-19, Lacrecia was inspired to launch #HomeEdConnect. This initiative empowers families and students to learn together. The online forum is filled with resources, strategies, demonstrations, online academic chats, weekly challenges, and more!  

Follow her journey Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @LTEduProject. Visit our website at Coming Soon EdPodChats. 

Show Highlights

  • Unschooling
  • Getting started with unschooling
  • Project Based Learning
  • Providing oversite to students at home
  • Benefits of unschooling
  • Resources available for unschooling

Connect with Lacrecia

The Edu Project

Twitter: @LTEduProject

Inquire about the Leading Equity Center’s “Annihilating Racial Injustice in Schools” training

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Hosted by Dr. Sheldon L. Eakins, Founder of the Leading Equity Center

ADVOCACY - Taking actionable steps to defend, recommend, argue in favor of a cause, or vocalize on behalf of others. It is an art that many educators have developed in their pursuit towards fostering an equitable learning environment for all students. Register for this FREE online event to learn ways that you can develop your advocacy skills in your school/community from 60+ speakers. Closed Captions included.


January 11-13, 2021

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