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About Glenda McCarthy, Ed.D.

Glenda McCarthy has 29 years of experience as a high school teacher and teacher leader in Australia and the USA. In Montana, she also worked as an instructional coach, helping fellow high school teachers infuse American Indian perspectives in their curriculum as part of Montana’s Indian Education for All initiative.  McCarthy is passionate about culturally responsive education, particularly for urban Indigenous students.  Inspired by Indigenous colleagues and students, she became a social justice educator, working to close educational achievement gaps. She holds a doctorate in education from Montana State University and has been recognized with awards for teaching excellence in both of her communities, Alice Springs, Australia and Billings, Montana.

Show Highlights

  • A mentoring program for Urban American Indian students
  • The main objectives of the mentoring program
  • The impact that the program had on the school
  • Success stories from the mentoring program
  • Suggestions for educators teaching Indigenous students

Connect with Glenda

[email protected]

Additional Resources

Mentoring American Indian Students in an Urban High School

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