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About TJ Rumler, MSW, LISW-CP, CCTP

No sane person chooses the field of social work—there’s always pain behind the passion for the profession. TJ Rumler grew up in West Greenville, SC, seeing first-hand the impacts of poverty, addiction, and racism in his community. Two weeks after 9/11, he enlisted in the US Army. Deploying to Iraq allowed TJ to experience how difficult combat is on soldiers and their families, as well as many failures along the military’s journey towards successful treatment of PTSD. With encouragement from friends and family, TJ left a successful sales career and went back to complete a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Since entering the social work field, he has served fellow Veterans with the Department of Veterans Affairs, individuals experiencing chronic homelessness, individuals with HIV/AIDS, children with behavioral and mental health struggles at PRISMA Health, and currently serves the students and families of Greenville County through his role as Trauma Informed Social Worker with Greenville County Schools. He also owns a Trauma Informed Consulting Firm through which he provides telehealth psychotherapy, as well as customized trainings for various organizations and schools. TJ also serves on the Board of Directors for Pendleton Place and holds the position of Education Team Vice Chair for the Hispanic Alliance. When his social work cape is in the closet, TJ enjoys traveling, writing, cycling, yoga, and chasing concerts. He believes in the saying, “life is short—buy the tickets.”

Show Highlights

  • Teacher self-care
  • The impact of COVID and self-care
  • Reducing anxiety during these times
  • Developing personal routines
  • Zoom protocols and etiquette
  • Deep work and creating an end of day checklist
  • Procrastination and self-care
  • How school leaders can support teachers with their self-care
  • Tap In and Tap Out

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