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About Sawsan Jaber, Ph.D.

A global educator with twenty years of experience in a variety of positions, Dr. Sawsan Jaber is an educational leader in multiple settings in the U.S. and abroad. She has a passion for facilitating critical conversations about equity in schools with educators and educational leaders. Sawsan is a Board Director of Our Voice Alliance charged with amplifying voices of teachers of color to create more equity for students of color.  Sawsan is a National Board Certificate candidate.  She is the founder of Education Unfiltered Consulting. Sawsan is one of the founding members of the Arab American Education Network. She is a featured speaker in regional, national, and international educator conferences. 

Show Highlights

  • BIPOC supporting each other
  • The fear of saying the wrong thing
  • Challenges in racial equality and advocacy
  • Words without action

Connect with Sawsan

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