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About Kelli Rugless, Psy.D.

Dr. Kelli Rugless is a Licensed Psychologist and the owner of Flourish Psychology, a private psychological practice dedicated to meeting the unique needs of women. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology from University of California, Santa Barbara, and her Master’s degree and Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Health Psychology, from Loma Linda University. Dr. Kelli is a Board Member at Breaking the Chains Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on using creative arts as tools for healing eating disorders, disordered eating and negative body image. Her work focuses on delivering evidenced-based services in a culturally-sensitive manner to the women in her practice as well as making psychological concepts more relevant and accessible to the general population. She has participated in a number of panels, podcasts, magazine articles, and speaking engagements and is in production of her own podcast “The Hangup” which focuses specifically on uplifting women by discussing our unique strengths and how to capitalize on them in our everyday lives.  Dr. Kelli is a member of several professional associations including the American Psychological Association, The Academy for Eating Disorders, and the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals. Dr. Kelli lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and two sons

Show Highlights

  • Children Following Adult Diet Trends
  • The Impact of Eating Disorders on Children
  • Eating Disorders Among Races
  • Food Insecurity
  • Eating Disorder Myths
  • Seeing Signs in School
  • Eating Disorders During COVID-19

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IG: dr.kellirugless


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