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About Arun Boudh

Arun Boudh is Co-Founder and Director of Lokuttara Leadership Academy and its educational residence, Blossom Projects, which provides English, Technology, Mathematics, Art, humane education and various life skills to students from the most remote regions of Kerala. 

Arun is from Kerala, south India, with a BAin  Malayalam literature from BM College in Mavelikara, and a diploma in Buddhism and Social Work from Nagarjuna Training Institute in Nagaloka in Nagpur. He is a Buddhist Dhammamitra practicing in Triratna BouddhaMaghasangh. Arun has been collaborating with Dayamudra at  Jai Bhim International since 2009 and leads social work trainings, educational workshops, and Ambedkerite Buddhist teachings across Kerala. Earlier in his career, he launched The Ambedkar Education and Cultural Society, which evolved into a democratic public space for the learners and artists, providing English and Music education and hosting public forums on Ambedker thought. Arun has translated three works of  Dr. B.H. Ambedkar “Buddha and the Future of his Religion”, “1956 Conversion Speech”, “Buddha or Karl Marx”, as well as Urgyen Sangharakshita’s “Dhamma Revolution” into  Malayalam.

About Dayamudra Dennehy

Dayamudra Ann Dennehy is an ESL tenure track faculty member at City College of San Francisco, where she works with language learners at all levels of English language proficiency in Credit, Non-Credit, and Vocational classes, in face-to-face and online classes. Dayamudra has led grassroots educational projects with a Mayan weaving cooperative in Guatemala and a Roma/Gypsy community program in Hungary, taught at a language school in Indonesia, has led yoga and meditation workshops across the U.S., India, Mexico, Scotland, and Spain, and has studied 8 languages, including English. She founded her own non-profit organization, Jai Bhim International, in 2008, which she leads as volunteer Creative Director collaborating with with an India-based team on an alternative leadership academy, serving caste-oppressed Dalit and Adivasi students in Kerala who have dropped out of high school. Daya is currently enrolled in the Educational Leadership/ Equity and Social Justice doctorate program at San Francisco State University, to be completed 2021.

Show Highlights

  • Youth Retreat for Dalit in India
  • Growth of the Youth Retreat
  • Dalit Youth Becoming Role Models
  • Leadership Academy
  • India Schooling System
  • India's National Languages
  • Success Stories of Leadership Academy

Connect with Arun

[email protected]

Connect with Daya

Twitter: @sfdaya

IG: @dayamudra_esl

Website: Blossom Projects

Connect with me on Twitter@sheldoneakins

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