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About Carolyn Shields

Dr. Carolyn M. Shields taught high school for 19 years before completing her doctorate at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Since then, at four different universities, she has taught classes and conducted research intended to focus on the creation of inclusion, equitable, excellent, and socially just learning environments. For this work, which includes the operationalization of the theory of transformative leadership, as well as 12 books, over 100 articles and chapters, and numerous international keynote addresses in Europe. Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North America, she has received international recognition, including an honorary doctorate from the Laval University, Quebec, in July 2017.

Show Highlights

  • The 8 tenets that support equity, inclusion, excellence, and social justice
  • How school counselors can utilize transformative leadership to address the need for systemic and equitable change in education
  • Transforming the learning environment of schools: How school counselor’s can be part of the transforming process
  • Discipline is not punishment
  • Restorative justice
  • Transformative Leadership vs. Change
  • Equity audits
  • How teachers can make students feel

Connect with Carolyn

[email protected]

Additional Resources

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