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About Terri Watson, Ph.D.

Terri N. Watson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Leadership and Human Development at The City College of New York. A Harlem native, her research examines effective school leadership and is aimed to improve the educational outcomes and life chances of historically excluded and underserved students and families. Dr. Watson is the guest editor for a special issue of the Journal of Educational Administration and History (Taylor & Francis Group) titled, A Seat at the Table: Examining the Impact, Ingenuity, and Leadership Practices of Black Woman and Girls in PK – 20 Contexts (Publication Date: Summer 2020).

Show Highlights

  • Difference Between Anti-Racist and Performative Wokeness
  • Kindness is Already Practiced
  • Risking Your Job for Anti-Racism
  • Leading Anti-Racist Work
  • Providing Representation of Everyone
  • Reconstructing the School System

Connect with Terri

Twitter: @terrinwatson

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins

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