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About Kate Kennedy

Kate Kennedy is a school leadership and education policy scholar, focused on politics and equity in K-12 public education. Specific topics of interest include social-emotional learning, care, and teachers' unions. Kate is a former teacher and now a doctoral candidate at the USC Rossier School of Education. 

Show Highlights

  • School Leaders Focusing on Social-Emotional Learning
  • 6 Key Considerations of Social-Emotional Learning
  • Measuring Social-Emotional Learning
  • Checking for Bias
  • Inclusion of Staff, Leaders, and Communities
  • Framework for School Leaders Serving Diverse Learners
  • Interviewing Potential Candidates with SEL-Related Questions

Connect with Kate

[email protected]

Twitter: @katetothek

Additional Resources

Centering Equity and Caring in Leadership for Social-Emotional Learning: Toward a Conceptual Framework for Diverse Learner

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins

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