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About Joel Bocanegra, Ph.D., NCSP

Dr. Bocanegra graduated with his PhD in educational psychology with a concentration in school psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of School Psychology and Educational Leadership at Idaho State University. He teaches Clinical School Psychology, Multicultural Issues in School Psychology, and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions courses, among others. He is a noted scholar on multicultural issues and diversity recruitment. He co-chaired a national recruitment committee and works extensively with minority youth and underserved youth populations.  His scholarly work includes: creating an impetus for diversity/minority recruitment, understanding the factors associated with minority students entering school psychology, analyzing the effectiveness of recruitment interventions, establishing best practices for recruitment, etc.

Show Highlights

  • Lack of Research in School Psychology
  • Shortage of School Psychologists
  • Representation of School Psychologists of Color
  • Representing School Psychologists
  • Helping Children Sooner
  • Assessment and Bilingualism

Connect with Joel

[email protected]

Additional Resources

Overcoming the Gap Between Diversity Recruitment Research and Practice

Undergraduate Psychology Students’ Knowledge and Exposure to School Psychology: Suggestions for Diversifying the Field

Investigation of Social Cognitive Career Theory for Minority Recruitment in School Psychology

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