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About LaWanda Wesley, Ed.D.

Dr. LaWanda Wesley serves as Oakland Unified School District's Director of Quality Enhancement and Professional Development of Early Education. She supports a cadre of 200 plus teachers and a dynamic early learning leadership team.  Additionally, Wesley is the Co-Director and Co-designer a national leadership fellowship piloted in Alameda County, California, titled Emerging Leaders for Racial Equity in Early Care and Education. Most recently, Dr. Wesley Co-Founded and is Co-Director for the Center for Equity in Early Childhood Education, a new national early childhood organization focused on disrupting inequity in early childhood spaces and places.

Show Highlights

  • The Center for Equity and Early Childhood Education
  • The importance of having more conversations about early childhood and equity
  • Culturally Responsive Self-Care Practices for Early Childhood Educators

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Culturally Responsive Self-Care Practices for Early Childhood Educators

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