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About Josué Falaise

Dr. Josué Falaise began his 20 year career as an elementary school science teacher. Then he became a middle and high school biology and environmental science teacher. After four years of teaching and time as an adjunct professor, he spent the last 16 years as an administrator in the roles of principal and Chief Academic Officer/Assistant Superintendent in urban and suburban school districts. Dr. Falaise is the CEO of Gomo Educational Services, LLC and Director of the Rutgers Institute of Improving Student Achievement (RIISA) at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education (RGSE).

Show Highlights

  • Josué Falaise
  • Growing up with a name that is often mispronounced
  • Haitian stereotypes and discrimination
  • The impact of names on our students and how they experience school

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Twitter: @josuefalaise

IG: @josuefalaise

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