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About Daniella Ann Cook, Ph.D.

Daniella Ann Cook is an Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina. Drawing on her experiences as a high school social studies teacher and community organizer, her research and scholarship address three intersecting themes: (1) Historical and contemporary narratives of black educators,(2) public policy with a focus on community engagement and (3) identifying factors that support student access to rigorous curricula across diverse schooling contexts. These three areas reflect her commitment to the democratic project of sustaining racially just and equitable schooling for communities traditionally underserved by public education. Most notably, she conducted an ethnographic study of black educators in New Orleans post-Katrina during the single largest displacement of African American educators since desegregation.  She has shared her scholarship broadly and currently serves as an Associate Editor for The Urban Review.

Show Highlights

  • A Southern connection
  • Organizing in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
  • The community’s concerns for rebuilding the schools in New Orleans
  • Bringing together community voices
  • Education in New Orleans today

Connect with Daniella

Email: [email protected]

Additional Resources

In the Spirit of Ella: Race, Community & Education Reform in New Orleans Post Katrina

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