About Melanie J. Gast, Ph.D.

Melanie Jones Gast is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of Louisville, Kentucky. Her research focuses on mechanisms of inclusion/exclusion and the structuring of programs and support systems serving diverse racial and ethnic groups. In one project, she analyzes coded language and norms and stratification in a diverse high school. Other projects examine intersections of race, citizenship, and language statuses and immigrant youth and parents in community organizations. She has published in journals such as the Du Bois ReviewJournal of Adolescent ResearchJournal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesSocial Science ResearchTeachers College Record, and Urban Education

Show Highlights

  • What out-of-school programs must consider when serving immigrant youth
  • Are out-of-school programs meeting the needs of their students
  • Organizations that are on the right track
  • Culturally responsive activities
  • Meeting the needs of multiple languages
  • Recommendations to meet the needs of multiple languages in out-of-school programs

Connect with Melanie

Email: [email protected]

Melanie’s Faculty Page

National Center for Institutional Diversity

Additional Resources

Staying Woke on Educational Equity through Culturally Responsive Teaching

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