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About Betsy Burris, Ph.D.

Betsy Burris is founder of Teaching through Emotions (, an organization that supports teachers not just in surviving their toughest emotions about teaching but in turning those emotions into effective, rewarding, and sustainable teaching and learning experiences. She works with teachers at all levels, pre-school through grad school, individually and in small support groups. She has written a book about this work called The Feeling of Teaching: Using Emotions and Relationships to Transform the Classroom. She has a PhD in Education from Stanford University and a MSW from Smith College. She is a teacher, teacher educator, instructional designer, and psychotherapist.

Show Highlights

  • Why teaching and learning depends on relationships
  • The importance of recognizing our emotions to make us better teachers
  • When students push our buttons, what do we do?
  • Finding teacher support groups to share data with people who will help you become better as a teacher
  • Identifying when a student needs emotional support
  • Teaching through emotions
  • What happens when we ignore our emotions
  • Seeing equity in our teaching practices to ensure fairness to all students

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Betsy’s latest book: “The Feeling of Teaching: Using Emotions and Relationships to Transform the Classroom”

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