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About Dene Gainey

Dene Gainey is an educator and lifelong learner from Orlando, FL with a bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology and a current doctoral student. Currently with twelve years of teaching experience, Dene functions in various capacities in the education world to include teaching English-Language Arts, technology gifted students.

Dene has a passion for the C.L.I.M.B.E., celebrating diversity, building community, project-based and problem-based learning as well as the student-driven classroom. As an educator, Dene feels it is his niche to build bridges and fill gaps, not to mention give meaning to learning experiences and use all of his skills and talents as a means to motivate students to be “more.” As a veteran of the United States Air Force, a singer and songwriter, actor and author collectively, Dene incorporates techniques in the classroom to cultivate an environment where learning happens in various ways.

He recently collaborated in the Edusnap 2016 “Best Practices in Education publication, his chapter called “The Student-Driven Classroom.” He also is a contributing author for the EduSnap 2017 edition with a chapter titled “Celebrating Diversity & Building Community.” His “one word” that encapsulates his day-to-day role and function in the classroom is “IMPACT.”

Show Highlights

  • Dene’s book Journey to the “Y” in You from EduMatch
  • In our journey of finding ourselves as professionals, there’s a “Y”
  • The moment when we realize what we are called to do can happen at any stage in our lives
  • Utilizing our unique teaching styles to help students approach learning
  • It’s not just about the teach, it’s about the reach

Connect with Dene

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