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About Teresa Dameron

Teri has spent most of her early adult career working with Native families as a youth program coordinator, adult education counselor, substance abuse counselor, college instructor/advisor, TRIO Talent Search Coordinator, and certified elementary teacher. Since 2000, she has honed her skills through her graduate school coursework in Public Administration as a Planner in Indian Country. She takes great pride in being able to “connect the dots” for tribal communities, especially when it will promote wellness.

Show Highlights

  • Teresa shares how her company helps prepare Tribal staff prepare for students with historical trauma
  • How her educational experiences impacted her approach to professional development strategies for educators
  • Trying to figure out why things were offensive to her and how to communicate her emotions to others
  • Dedicating her life and time to ensuring Native students are treated fairly
  • The power of learning when students feel valued
  • Acknowledging the cultural wisdom students have

Connect with Teresa

Traditional Eagle Solutions, LLC:

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